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Unfortunately, our furry family members cannot be with us forever. Saying goodbye to them is a natural part of pet ownership, but that does not make it any less of a painful experience. When the time comes that you are considering end-of-life care for your pet, please know that our...


Here at Orleans, we are happy to provide the most advanced technologies and techniques available for our patients. Endoscopic devices are just one of the tools we use in diagnosing certain conditions and performing certain surgeries.


No loving owner wants to find out that their pet has worms. Not only are they gross – they can also cause a multitude of serious health issues for pets. Fortunately, all it takes is regular deworming medication to keep pets protected.

Dental Care

A furry friend’s wide and toothy smile can light up even the darkest rooms. Aside from spreading joy, keeping your pet’s teeth picture-perfect will also do wonders for their overall health and comfort. It’s important not to overlook their dental care. Our team is here to teach you how to...