Here at Orleans, we are happy to provide the most advanced technologies and techniques available for our patients. Endoscopic devices are just one of the tools we use in diagnosing certain conditions and performing certain surgeries. Please reach out to us at 613-824-7511 to learn more about our endoscopic services.

Note: Dr. Kilborn, our internal medicine specialist, provides our endoscopy services on a referral basis.

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What is a veterinary endoscopy?

This is a procedure where the veterinarian uses a long and flexible tube (the endoscope) with a camera at the end to look inside your pet’s body. The endoscope is inserted through the patient’s mouth or rear, under sedation or anesthesia. Biopsies may be taken and sent to our lab for further analysis depending on what is found. 

Why would my pet need an endoscopy?

One of the main reasons why the vet will conduct an endoscopy is to diagnose abdominal or digestive problems (e.g. stomach pain, weight loss, diarrhea, ulcers, intestinal bleeding).

What can I expect after my pet’s endoscopy?

Your pet will be a bit drowsy due to the anesthesia, but this should wear off in a few hours. Most patients are back to their pre-endoscopy selves a few hours after the procedure. Please contact us right away if your pet’s sleepiness does not subside within 24 to 48 hours. 

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