A furry friend’s wide and toothy smile can light up even the darkest rooms. Aside from spreading joy, keeping your pet’s teeth picture-perfect will also do wonders for their overall health and comfort. It’s important not to overlook their dental care. Our team is here to teach you how to best take care of your pet’s teeth at home and provide you with quality in-hospital treatments. Give us a call at 613-824-7511 for more details.

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How should my pet’s breath smell?

Contrary to popular belief, “doggy breath” is not normal. In fact, it is one of the earliest signs of periodontal disease. Your dog or cat’s breath should have a neutral or inoffensive odour. Anything else can be a sign of a wide variety of issues like infections and decaying teeth.

How can I take care of my pet’s teeth?

There are many ways to prevent painful and costly dental health problems from developing. Below are some of our recommendations: 

  • Brush your pet’s teeth daily
  • Consider dental diets
  • Try water additives 
  • DO NOT USE hard chew toys as they often fracture teeth (e.g. tennis balls, branches, bones)

Why are dental exams and cleanings so important for pets?

These checkups allow our vets to identify any problems early on and prevent the worsening of your pet’s teeth. Remember, oral health problems can cause infections and other complications that can have a negative impact on your pet’s general health. Pets have a natural instinct to hide any weakness or pain. No matter how observant their loving owners are, there are certain conditions that only a trained veterinary professional can notice. Annual consultations also allows us to properly clean or scale teeth, and perform dental X-rays (the most valuable tool we use to assess the health of each tooth above and below the gum line).

What kind of dental conditions can you treat?

Here at Orleans, our team can address: 

  • Early signs of periodontal disease
  • Broken teeth
  • Proper alignment of the teeth or “bite”
  • Find persistent deciduous (baby) teeth

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