Ultrasound and X-ray

No matter how in-tune we are with our cherished pets, there is simply no way for them to tell us exactly how they are feeling. Visual exams also have their limitations. This is where diagnostic imaging tools like ultrasounds and X-rays come into play. For more details on these services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 613-824-7511.

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Why would my pet need an ultrasound or an X-ray?

Please keep in mind that these scans can be performed even if your pet is perfectly healthy. For example, pregnant pets will undergo ultrasounds for standard monitoring throughout their pregnancies. On the other hand, these scans can be performed for a variety of other medical issues. One instance is to get confirmation for a diagnosis. The vet might need a closer look to confirm their observation from a visual check. Another use for scans is as part of treatment for injuries or swallowed items – which happens much more often than you might think! 

What is the difference between an ultrasound and X-ray for pets?

X-rays are commonly used to analyze bones, joints and other hard-structured parts of your pet’s body. They can also help diagnose conditions like bladder stones. Ultrasounds are usually used to examine the inner-workings of the heart, lungs, bladder and other soft-tissue organs. 

How much does a veterinary ultrasound or X-ray cost?

Please reach out to us for the most accurate estimate. Prices will range depending on factors such as the areas to be scanned and whether or not your pet needs sedation. (We may recommend this for extremely anxious pets or those who do not like being held down.)

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