Orthopedic Services

All furry friends – whether they are always active and moving, or prefer to lounge on your couch – need access to great orthopedic care all their lives. Here at Orleans, our team is fully equipped to treat sprains, breaks, genetic conditions and other issues that can affect your pet’s bones and muscles. Give us a call at 613-824-7511 for more information on our orthopedic services. 

Note: Our orthopedic services are provided by Dr. Liptak on occasional basis, referral required.

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What kind of orthopedic treatments do you provide for pets?

Our team of veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians can perform the following treatments in our facility: 

  • Select types of orthopedic surgeries 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Anti-inflammatory medicine 
  • Cold packs 
  • Weight loss plans

What kind of orthopedic problems can pets develop?

This will vary depending on their species, breed, age and overall health. For dogs, the most common issues we see are disc problems, hip dysplasia and torn cruciate ligaments. For cats, dislocated hips and joint fractures are some of the most commonly treated issues. 

How should I care for my pet after their orthopedic surgery?

Our team will send you home with a detailed guide on how to care for your pet for their specific case. Some general tips that we provide for most patients are: 

  • Limit your pet’s physical activity 
  • Allocate a quiet place for them to rest and sleep
  • Place rubber-backed rugs on slippery floors and soft padding on objects that your pet constantly comes in contact with 
  • Ensure they take all their post-op meds 
  • Ensure they attend post-op rehab and checkups 

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